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Are you looking for cranes, manlifts, and booms to suit all of your aerial lift needs? You have found the best place. At Globegain ltd we offer a broad variety of lifting equipments such as cherry pickers, truck cranes, telescoping booms, mobile cranes scissor lifts, forklifts, and telehandlers.

Cranes makes work easier by facilitating the easy movement of bulky machinery, cargo, containers, construction materials and equipment. Cranes also provide manlift services allowing workers to access high and hard to reach areas.

About Cranes

Our company was created with the primary aim of providing lifting cranes and machinery that make the movement of heavy cargo and equipment easier and faster. Our manlift machinery help workers gain access and execute work at high heights with 100% safety guarantee. They are a lot safer than conventional ladders or scaffolds and can move around for faster task execution.


All of our equipments are compliant with International standards for lifting appliances. What is more, our professional operators are well trained and qualified in aerial safety operations. Our equipment are subjected to regular functional and safety inspections ensuring only the certified ones are used.

When using our equipment

1. Your safety is our priority
2. We will keep you updated and provide options where a machine does not fit an extra task required
3. We commit to getting the machines to you on time

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Choosing The

Cranes in Kenya

Cherry pickers

A cherry picker is a category of aerial manlift platform comprising a hydraulic system with a bucket at the end for holding workers performing task at high heights.

A cherry picker is a versatile crane with a broad range of applications. The machine is very reliable in building maintenance tasks at heights. When performing maintenance chores, safety is critical as workers often have the need to work at levels high up from the ground. A cheery picker allows this while facilitating the flexible fast and easy movement from one high point to another at varying heights. Cherry pickers are also useful in other tasks such as fire services, advertisements banners, painting etc.

We offer a range of cherry pickers for varying heights
16-20 m
Up to 28m height

Scissor lift

A scissor lift is a form of construction lift fitted with a platform to allow workers and heavy equipment to access high areas. The machine has the capacity to elevate multiple workers at once. Scissor lifts vary depending on fuel type and application.

Diesel scissor lifts

Diesel type scissor lifts are suitable for use outdoors especially in construction sites. The machine can access heights of up to 40 feet thus facilitating easy installation and movement of material in a construction site or a tall building.

Pneumatic scissor lifts

The pneumatic scissor lift is electric and thus does not emit poisonous exhaust fumes making suitable for use indoors.

We supply two categories of scissor lifts
Up to 7m reach
Up to 12m reach


A telehandler is a versatile machine that offers lift and loading services. The machine has a telescoping boom that can extend making it more flexible than a normal forklift. The machine facilitates the easy lifting and moving of bulky materials and cargo. The machine can be fitted with an aerial work platform and thus serve as a manlift too.

Mobile truck cranes

We offer a variety of mobile cranes for different purposes

Self loader trucks

This is a lorry carrier fitted with a jack at the rear bend to help lift and load heavy materials and equipment that need moving to a different location.

Telescoping boom trucks

These are trucks fitted with a hydraulic winch used to loft materials and equipment. The boom raises and lowers depend on the height required to lift material to. The boom also rotates making the machine useful in moving materials too.

We have them in the following variety
25 tons
50 tons